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RO Slayers Led our Q3 2021 Fundraising

Here at, our primary purpose is to better the quality of kids' lives and take care of kids' needs. We are a non-profit organization meant to help kids by partnering up with gaming communities to get some of the profits and donations. Those donations go to the kids who need medical aid to heal faster and get better lives. We saw how gaming changed the world in the past few years. What once was a way to pass free time is now a full-fledged career and one of the most significant autonomous industries. Gaming today is an intersection between tech, entertainment, sports, and social spaces.

Our work

We proudly led 30 campaigns and have over 200 volunteers ready to help kids everywhere for over six years now. We have two campaigns that you can donate to at the moment. One is Extra Life 2021 with the SickKids Foundation. It is an annual marathon where teams and individuals from various gaming groups compete for 24 hours to raise money to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network, a network of 170 non-profit children’s hospitals throughout the United States and Canada.

Donations pay health care bills to seriously sick and disabled children not covered by health insurance or Medicaid, help hospitals buy pediatric surgical devices, and finance epidemic study. You could also fund this campaign by snagging one of #wesavethekids and Extra Life limited edition shirts designed by GamePyx to show your support for this cause with 100% of the proceeds from Extra Life apparel going to this campaign.

The second is Sponsor A Scholar Program with Exitializ. This program works by means of directly connecting players with sponsors who can support them for any amount and allow them to rent in-game assets temporarily to make a profit for themselves.

Our community 

Consists of 50,000 talented gamers, developers, and creators. All together in one place and have the same goal of helping kids get stronger, heal faster, and live better lives. Gaming has raised 70 million dollars for the kids, their families, and their communities. And it's only just getting started, all thanks to your contributions.

Collaboration with RO Slayers

We are collaborating with RO Slayers, which is a decentralized private game server on Binance Smart Chain that tries to combine cryptocurrencies into Ragnarok Online in a way where anyone can earn tokens by just playing and interacting with the game. The cryptocurrency mechanisms were mainly implemented and influenced by NFT games currently available on the market. RO Slayers has successfully funded (CAD $2,959.48) that will be going towards our organization in Toronto. It’s an all-inclusive, community-led game that is big on social responsibility. RO Slayers is an entertaining online game that wants gamers to have fun while collecting donations to save the kids.

Their dedication to this cause was evident when their team decided to completely shoulder the cost of maintaining and developing the game server so that 100% of their donations could go to Since its launch in June of this year and after starting the early access phase, there have already been 15 updates on the game server. Their team is focused more than ever on the game server with the big new update coming up.

RO Slayers’ Play-To-Earn

RO Slayers are launching their Play-To-Earn ecosystem this October. The $SLYR token is the utility and rewards token for the RO Slayers ecosystem. $SLYR holders will be able to claim rewards generated in the ecosystem if they stake or participate in various in-game activities along the lines of mini-games. Players will also earn the token when they play multiple games within the RO Slayers world and through community-generated content initiatives. In addition, 15% of the game's transactions will be going straight to 

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