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It is our mission to improve kid’s health, better their future.

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We the Kids

Bigger than ever, gaming is on the edge of something greater.

It’s changing kids health and changing the future.

It’s an intersection between tech, entertainment, sports and social spaces.

A community 50,000 strong; working, playing, creating together, to help kids get stronger, heal faster and live better.

Gaming over 70 million dollars has been raised for the kids, for the families, for the community and it’s just getting started because of because of the gamers, because of you.

Lastest Campaign

It feels amazing to know that we're supporting children even though we're only making one kid a little more secure today, a victory for everybody here at 'We Save the Kids'.


    Extra Life 2020

    Raised $10.00
    Goal $10,000.00
    Donor 1

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    May 15, 2019 - Centre, New York

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    May 22, 2019 - Centre, New York Read More
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    Meet Our Volunteers

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    Gabriel Watkins

    Gabriel Watkins


    Veronica Cooper

    Veronica Cooper


    Jessica Anderson

    Our Campaign Map

    We've launched a lot of our campaigns in North America in the past years, and we're not stopping there!

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    If you are interested in volunteering with our team during the year, or if you have a talent or service that you would like to donate, please talk to us

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