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Philippine Elections 2022 – Vote for the Philippines

Let me get one thing straight here for everyone. I am not voting for Leni Robredo. Now, I’m going to clarify that statement. When I say “I am not voting for Leni Robredo”, I want everyone that’s watching—whether you’re voting for Isko, Lacson, BBM, Pacquiao, it doesn’t matter—I want you to think about what I am about to say. It’s this: karamihan sa atin kasi we’re so solid, ‘Solid ako behind my candidate.’ That’s the wrong mentality. You should not be solid behind your candidate. Mali iyan, kasi kapag sinabi mong “Solid ako sa kandidato ko,” “Sinusuportahan ko ang kandidato ko”, ibig sabihin iyon na ‘yung end goal—na manalo ‘yung kandidato mo. Mali iyang pag-iisip na ganyan. That’s being a fanatic. That’s being unquestionably loyal na kahit mali na ‘yung tao, may pagkakamali na ‘yung tao, susuportahan mo pa rin. Hindi puwedeng ganyan.

Pag-isipan natin ito ha?  When I say “I am not voting for Leni,” I’m going to be very clear kasi I’m not voting na ang end goal is for Leni to be President. I’m voting for my country. Iyan ang kailangang ibinoboto nating lahat–ang ating bansa. Ngayon, when you say “I’m voting for my country”, ito ang end goal. Then you ask yourself, “Which candidate will be able to give me a better country for all Filipinos.” Iyan ang talagang dapat na iniisip natin. Hindi “Dapat manalo ang kandidato ko.” Ang tanungin niyo: “Dapat manalo ang bansa ko; sino ang kandidato na makapagpapanalo ng aking bansa; na panalo ang buong Pilipinas hindi lang ang mga kampo ko?”

Iyan ang problema sa tribalism e. At iyan ang problema sa pagiging fanatico. “Solid ako sa kandidato ko,” stop that! Maging solid ka para sa Pilipinas. Hindi ito, “Mananalo ang kandidato ko.” Dapat ang sinasabi mo, “Mananalo ang Pilipinas.”

So paano mananalo ang Pilipinas? Tanungin niyo, “Sinong kandidato, who is going to be the great means to the end?” Hindi sila ‘yung end goal. Hindi ‘yung kandidato ‘yung end goal, ang Pilipinas ‘yung end goal. Ang kandidato is the means to the end. When you ask yourself, “Sino nga ba?”; what are the things we want for our country?

Let’s look at this: number one, ako ang ayaw ko talaga, kurapsyon. So nag-iisip ako sino sa mga kandidato ang hindi kurap. Iyon ang importante eh. So magbasa-basa kayo, tingnan niyo naman talaga kung ano ‘yung history ’nung isang tao bago kayo boboto. Sobrang solid kayo, hindi niyo naiintindihan na, na nakakalimutan niyo ang Pilipinas. Your oath, your loyalty is to the Philippines, not to the candidate. So first, corruption. Talagang hindi puwede iyan sa akin. Kung ang isang tao ay lumaki sa kurapsyon, wala na iyan sa akin. Ang isang tao ay nag-benefit sa kurapsyon, wala na iyan sa akin—number one.

Next, ano bang gusto natin para sa bansa natin? Gusto ko para sa bansa ko na maayos ang ekonomiya. So kailangan natin ng isang tao na marunong sa ekonomiya. An economist would be great or at least somebody na may executive experience. Alam niya paano magpatakbo ng bansa or ng isang country or economy or at least a company as a something, an administrator.

Next, ito ‘yung important, rule of law. Rule of law is very important, meaning I want it to work because if rule of law works, walang mayaman walang mahirap, lahat tayo pantay-pantay sa batas. Ang problema ngayon hindi iyon ang nangyayari eh. So ngayon iisipin mo sino ba ngayon ang sumusunod sa rule of law sa mga kandidato niyo. Iyan, pag-isipan niyo iyan.

Next, kailangan ‘yung sistema gumagana. The government should be working right now, it’s broken. Why is it broken? Because you keep voting for people that you support. Imbes na bumuboto ka para sa bansa mo, bumuboto ka para sa kandidato mo.

So now you ask me, sino ba talaga iboboto ko—ang Pilipinas. Iboboto ko ay ang Pilipinas, ang aking bansang Pilipinas at ang iboboto ko ay para sa aking mga kapwa Pilipino. So ang tanong is, sinong kandidato para sa akin ang nagfi-fit sa requirement ko para sa boto ko para sa Pilipinas? Tanungin mo iyan sa iyo, sa sarili mo. Iyang kandidato mo ba marunong sa economy? Marunong ba sa finance, marunong ba sa law–rule of law. At hindi ba siya kurap?

Huwag mong lokohin sarili mo. You’re in an echo chamber whoever you’re voting for. Trust me, I know that. And that’s why if you look at my feed, it’s mixed. I have Pacquiao, BBM, Lacson, Leni on my feed because I read all platforms, I read what they say, what they do, I read what they’re about I read what the supporters of each of these candidates talk about. And that’s the problem. It’s that we don’t do enough of that diverse reading. We’re so into echo chambers of who we believe is correct and who we support without really understanding are we really supporting that person or are we supporting our country? I’m telling you because most of the time, you’re supporting your candidate, hindi mo sinusuportahan ang Pilipinas. So stop this. Vote for your country and ask yourself which candidate is going to be the best for my country. That is who you should vote for. Remember that when election time comes. That’s it I’m out. 

Okay I’m just going to add this for people that are watching. I know you guys are going to ask questions anyway. So who am I going to vote for? So here is who I’m going to vote for.

I’m going to vote for the Philippines and the person that I believe will be the best for the Philippines ay isang tao na walang bahid ng kurapsyon. So eliminate na natin ‘yung mga may kurapsyon, alam na natin kung sino iyon. Sabihin ko na nga actually eh. Marcos BBM, his whole family, is mired with corruption. Ayaw nga magbayad ng buwis. Grabe. Tapos ie-expect mo, na ayaw magbayad ng buwis tapos gusto tumakbo ng presidente tapos gagawin niya lahat para sa bansa? Mag-isip-isip ka na. Wala na iyon, out na iyon. Dahil iyon, ang daming kurapsyon at ayaw pang magbayad ng taxes. Iboboto mo ang isang tao na hindi nagbabayad ng buwis? Pambihira ka, anong klase kang Pilipino kung iyan ang iboboto mo? Ikaw nagbabayad ka ng tax, siya hindi. Tapos iboboto mo siya. Mag-isip-isip ka na, number one.

Number two, gusto ko somebody with executive experience. Sino ang mga kandidato with executive experience? Tatlo iyan: Lacson, Isko, Leni. Sinong wala–Pacquiao–unfortunately. I love Pacquiao, I think he’s a great person, great heart; but he doesn’t have an executive experience. Out na iyan. So if you voted for Pacquiao, it’s not a problem. Because if you want to vote because of how amazing as a person he is, great. But think about the country, again, the country. Pacquiao, in my opinion, is best to serve as a private citizen, not as president. We need somebody with executive experience.

Okay so tatlo na lang. Sa tatlong iyan, nag-iisip ako. Sino ang may kakayahan sa ekonomiya. ‘Yung may economic background.

Before that, sino ang may kaya, rule of law? That can enforce the rule of law, that everyone is pantay-pantay in the eyes of the law. Lacson, Isko, Leni—are still strong in that aspect.

Alright, now, let me talk about the economy. Sino ang may advantage in terms of economics, or at least marunong magpatakbo or administrative. Oh sige administrative na muna iyon. I’d say the best two are Leni and Isko. Lacson, I actually voted for Lacson the last time. I actually wanted Lacson to win. I have no problems with Lacson. I love the fact that he doesn’t take his pork barrel in the senate. That said a lot; because all senators take their pork barrel and quite a few corrupt them and abuse them. But si Lacson, he doesn’t so he has my support. But in this case, it’s Isko and Leni.

Now, the last one I want, an economist. I want an economist. There is only one economist, one really good with the economy. That can really stand out—and that’s Leni. I like Isko. I think Isko is a great administrator for Manila. I think he should continue for three years. He should’ve ran another three years, he could’ve done a lot more for Manila. But he wanted to run for President. I have no problems with Isko, by the way. But think about that.

Now I look at Leni as the one that’s a complete package. Hindi na ito ‘yung ‘we’re voting for the lesser evil’. Wala nang lesser evil eh. This one is the complete package. This is the one that the Philippines need right now. Ito na iyon, andito na. Why are we going to pass up on that chance of a candidate that really fits everything that the Philippines needs. Ang kailangan ng Pilipinas at ang kailangan ng lahat ng Pilipino. Iyon na ‘yun eh. So yes, I am voting for the Philippines, I am voting Leni Robredo. And I think you should too, because unahin natin ang Pilipinas bago ang kandidato natin. Because she has shown that she puts the Philippines first before herself. Unlike, I’m sorry, the exact opposite of that is BBM, who puts himself first before every Filipino and before the Philippines. Think about it. Listen to their words, look at their actions, look at their history, iyon pa lang alam mo na. At the end of the day, yes it does matter who you vote for. So please,vote for the Philippines, vote for all Filipinos, and vote for the candidate that will put Filipinos and the Philippines first before themselves.   

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